A word from our founders: Gustavo & Joseph

"We're just two guys on a mission to promote self care, mindfulness and better smelling rooms amongst men."

  • Keep it simple

    Our objective is to keep it as simple as possible allowing our customers to simply subscribe and let us do the rest, just enjoy the experience.

  • Keep it fun

    At Musk Co, we enjoy what we do from the founders to the suppliers. We only do business with those we enjoy, and believe you should too.

  • Stay present

    We're about more than selling candles, it's about a way of life. We encourage practicing mindfulness daily and remaining present throughout your day.

Our Story

Musk Co story doesn't start with a happy beginning but its ends in a good one. Gustavo a serial entrepreneur spent a weekend in New York, skateboarding everywhere which despite his young age put a strain on his foot. After a few weeks laying off the board he decided to skate to watch the fireworks on July 3rd. All was great until he went home... he pushed the board like usual only this time felt a pop followed by a rush of heat to the middle of his foot. He hobbled home knowing something went wrong but unsure what. The pain was so deep he visited his local podiatrist, where he was met with the great care by Dr. Wilson. It was after a few visits the two uncovered their love for entrepreneurship, e-commerce and self care.

The rest was Musk Co.